Pastor General's Report
New Milestone In Co-Worker Newsletter Lit ResponsesNew Milestone In Co-Worker Newsletter Lit Responses

Since the inception of the "Coworker Newsletter," Subscriber Development has striven to maximize literature responses as much as possible. It is our belief that the more we can get solid information about God's truth into the hands of our readers, the more spiritual growth we will eventually see, as God "gives the increase." It has been our goal to surpass a 15% lit response from coworkers and a 10% response from donors.

Both goals were achieved with February's Newsletter which advertised Are We Living In The Last Days?, together with some help from TV and radio. Coworkers turned in a 16.0% response and donors 10.6%. Simultaneous television and radio advertising of this booklet undoubtedly helped boost the record response. Now, with this accomplishment behind us, our long-term goal will be to obtain a response of 20% for coworkers and 15% for donors.

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Pastor General's ReportApril 10, 1978Vol 2 No. 12