Pastor General's Report
HQ Full Of Excitement!HQ Full Of Excitement!
Pastor General Staff  

Headquarters is a beehive of activity and full of excitement following Mr. Ted Armstrong's announcement Friday, the 7th, of plans for renewed church growth; that the Pasadena campus will now become HEADQUARTERS for all administrative and Support functions of the Church; and the decision to move the undergraduate student body to Big Sandy, Texas! Of course, momentous decisions such as these tend to send shock waves throughout an organization that are felt by virtually everyone to one degree or another, but enthusiasm is running high here in Pasadena.

Meeting after meeting is being held to get the wheels in motion for the implementation of both Armstrongs' directives. There have been continuing meetings of executive personnel regarding further changes necessary for moving church and college departments; changes in college and church personnel; plans for the new graduate school of theology in Pasadena; the ministerial education program here; and the myriad details that the undergraduate student move to Big Sandy will entail.

Mr. Ted Armstrong requested that his talk before the special employee-student assembly last Friday be tape recorded so that all churches around the world could hear his comments during Sabbath services. be on the lookout for the tape.

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Pastor General's ReportApril 10, 1978Vol 2 No. 12