Pastor General's Report
Team To Direct Ministerial ActivitiesTeam To Direct Ministerial Activities
Pastor General Staff  

Mr. Ted Armstrong has named a six-man team of headquarters personnel to work with the United States area coordinators in directing ministerial activities. The men are C. Wayne Cole, Ted Herlofson, Robert Kuhn, Art Mokarow, Jim Thornhill and Ray Wright.

Each team member will contribute in a special area. Ted Herlofson will be concerned with matters such as manpower, automobiles, expense accounts; Robert Kuhn will continue to coordinate theological projects such as the Systematic Theology Project and doctrinal administration; Art Mokarow will work with ministerial education and development; Jim Thornhill will coordinate YOU activities; Ray Wright, as vice president for financial affairs, will coordinate budgetary considerations; and Wayne Cole as an assistant to Mr. Armstrong will coordinate the team and follow through for Mr. Armstrong to implement the new growth responsibilities outlined in his March 20 meeting with U.S. and Canadian area coordinators, and other leading headquarters personnel.

Mr. Cole, who will be moving to Pasadena from Vancouver where he was director of the Canadian Work, will be replaced by Bob Morton, presently regional director of the Work in New Zealand.

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Pastor General's ReportMarch 27, 1978Vol 2 No. 10