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Quest In SpaceQuest In Space
Jack Martin  

The following appeared in this morning's New York Times in Phil Dougherty's advertising column — the most widely read communications/advertising oriented column in the United States.

—Jack Martin Vice President of A.I.C.F. Publishing

Quest/78 In Space. QUEST/78 magazine, which last year was known as QUEST/77, is celebrating its first anniversary with the March-April issue carrying 43 pages of advertising. At the new higher rate and an invitation to join in an exceedingly unusual reader competition.

The magazine has contracted for five square feet on an early space shuttle flight which the winner can use for his winning project.

Quest had five issues last year and will have seven this year. Circulation base went to 300,000 from 175,000 with the current issue and is expected to be at 400,000 in time for the 10-a-year frequency next year.

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Pastor General's ReportFebruary 21, 1978Vol 2 No. 5