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Mr. Ted Armstrong was able to attend the regional basketball and cheerleading tournament in Hershey, Pennsylvania last weekend. Combining Sabbath services and a church social on Sunday evening with this occasion, Mr. Armstrong's presence made all the events more special. The youth set a superb example in sportsmanship. Mr. Armstrong's sermon on true sportsmanship and right competition inspired everyone to work hard and enjoy the weekend's activities.

The minister, parents and teens alike made comments to us about how valuable Y.O.U. is to them. It has given our youth something in which to invest their energies and exuberance as they resist the trends of their peers in the world. Y.O.U. also helps the ministry and parents to guide the young people in expressing God's way of life.

We thought you'd also be interested to know that we initiated our first in a series of local coordinator meetings in Lubbock, Texas, this last weekend. We received a lot of feedback about the problems, needs, and accomplishments of the program. The coordinators felt the biggest problem for their particular region, besides distance and transportation, was the problem of lack of parental involvement. Suggestions to help encourage parental involvement were to 1) Ask the parents for their ideas, 2) Give public recognition to those parents who help, 3) Have the church pastor discuss the importance of the program, and 4) Schedule activities well in advance.

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Pastor General's ReportFebruary 21, 1978Vol 2 No. 5