Pastor General's Report
Mail Still Up Inspite Of Bad WeatherMail Still Up Inspite Of Bad Weather

Despite the serious weather in many parts of the country, our mail is holding up rather well. As a matter of fact, the weekly mail count as of February 10th was the best weekly figure since May of 1977. Apparently those areas of the nation not affected by heavy snows are helping to keep the mail picture quite strong. Currently we are receiving heavy responses to Mr. Ted Armstrong's co-worker letter of January 30th. After only ten days, the co-worker response reached 16% and member response reached 30%. These percentages are very close to the normal average co-worker response after a period of 30 days! It's certainly encouraging to see such an early enthusiastic response to Mr. Armstrong's letter!

Many of those responding to the letter have been very pleased and excited about the return to 30 minute daily radio programming. Numerous individuals have stated their hope that we will be able to go on the air in their area soon.

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Pastor General's ReportFebruary 21, 1978Vol 2 No. 5