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When Paul was a prisoner on board a ship to Rome, how many people died in the subsequent shipwreck?

Acts 27:42-44
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Ministerial TransfersMinisterial Transfers

In case you haven't heard, my wife, Allie, underwent surgery last week for the removal of a small growth on the thyroid. She's at home now and making very rapid recovery. As it turned out, the lab tests showed that there was - contrary to the doctor's expectations - a small carcinoma on the left lobe of the thyroid. It appears it has been totally excised, however, and the doctor feels she will make a full recovery and is likely to have no further trouble with it. Nevertheless, we would sincerely appreciate your prayers. I expect a complete presentation from Ted Herlofson this week summarizing all of the area coordinators' recommendations for ministerial transfers for the coming year. This will set the wheels in motion for moving as many as fifty families this summer.

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Pastor General's ReportFebruary 06, 1978Vol 2 No. 3