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What were the first foods that the Israelites ate in Canaan?
Unleavened bread and roasted grain.

Joshua 5:11
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Brian Knowles  

First I have to correct a mistake I made in the last Pastor's Report. I said that the PT renewal program had brought in 1/2 million dollars. Actually that should have read 1/4 million. The exact figure is 254,000 dollars. Sorry 'bout that! Just received approval from Mr. Ted Armstrong on the cover for the March PT. We think you'll agree it's a mind blower. I think it's the most spectacular PT cover ever! It was done by John Berkey, one of America's leading illustrators of science-fiction themes. The illustration is for Bob Ginsky's article on the space shuttle. It should help us, a great deal on the newsstand issue.

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Pastor General's ReportJanuary 30, 1978Vol 2 No. 2