Pastor General's Report
Newsstand UpdateNewsstand Update
Mark Armstrong  

Response to the Plain Truth Newsstand program has officially risen above 3% and is still climbing. Two new subscription insert cards are in the process of being designed for testing. It is hoped that both of these cards will bring in a higher % response than the one we are currently using.

In addition, three more Dobbs House airport outlets are scheduled to begin distributing the Plain Truth during the month of February. They are located in Charlotte, N.C., Austin, TX., and San Antonio, TX. We also expect to be able to announce the opening of several additional airport distributions in the near future.

Also, any church areas who do not as yet have a newsstand distribution in their area but would like to, please feel free to call in on the WATS line. We'll be happy to send you whatever promotional material, display equipment, and magazines that you will need to begin a distribution in your area.

Mark Armstrong, Director of Newsstands

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Pastor General's ReportJanuary 30, 1978Vol 2 No. 2