Pastor General's Report
Co-Worker Newsletter Bring Good ResponseCo-Worker Newsletter Bring Good Response

The "Co-Worker Newsletter" is progressively increasing the involvement of our donors with the Work, The Subscriber Development section of MPC reports that results of the first four months of this fiscal year show that the percentage of donors responding monetarily has risen 64% compared to last year! In four months over 20,000 donors contributed through the Newsletter, whereas a year ago only 15,000 had contributed, even though there were 23% more donors on the mailing list at that time.

The increase in donor response is very encouraging. As the mailing list grows (and people are subsequently led to become donors), we hope to see a corresponding increase in co-worker potential.

Mail Count: Through December 9 we have received 1,783,264 letters and 478,341 WATS calls for the year.

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Pastor General's ReportDecember 12, 1977Vol 1 No. 6