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What did the city of Nineveh do to prevent being destroyed?
The king declared a fast and they turned from their evil ways.

Jonah 3:6
Pastor General's Report
GTA Completes Tour Of PacificGTA Completes Tour Of Pacific
Pastor General Staff  

Garner Ted Armstrong and his group, including Mr. Leslie McCullough, director of the International Division, are headed home after their tour of New Zealand, Australia and the Philippines. In addition to visiting the Work's principal offices in that area of the world, Mr. GTA and Mr. McCullough addressed the church in Hawaii and more than 90 per cent of the members in Australia and New Zealand. Although his trip to the Philippines was short, a total of 1,051 brethren and co-workers filled to overflowing the Meraloo Auditorium to hear Mr. Armstrong speak.

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Pastor General's ReportDecember 05, 1977Vol 1 No. 5