Pastor General's Report
Quest/78 Prepares For U.K./Europe LaunchQuest/78 Prepares For U.K./Europe Launch
Frank Brown & Francis Bergin  

We are now getting quite excited about the launch of QUEST in the U.K. and Europe in December of this year. "On sale" date is actually the 21st of December. We have been working closely now for over a year with the New York Office of QUEST and we have appointed an excellent team of professional advisers to help us in the U.K. Our advertising agents, who will be handling the promotion, are one of the fastest growing companies in England. Everyone is genuinely enthusiastic about the product and, as this country more than most needs an uplifting magazine right now, its reception in the trade has so far been excellent.

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Pastor General's ReportNovember 28, 1977Vol 1 No. 4