Pastor General's Report
Quest A WinnerQuest A Winner
Roger G Lippross  

"QUEST A WINNER" (Date Line New York City) "QUEST Magazine has become a winner in the publishing industry." This is the enthusiastic reaction we get when publishers, writers and media people meet us and discover that we are representing QUEST magazine. At an august dinner meeting of 1500 top publishers from across the country here at the Hilton Hotel last Tuesday, November 15, economist Elliot Janeway gave QUEST an honorary mention in a speech about publishing.

Betty Harris, publisher of Working Woman, was at my table and compared us with National Geographic for graphic quality and extolled the journalistic excellence. Barbara Walters, who is a reader, also made a favorable comment to me personally at Kennedy Airport. The general reaction makes you feel like a celebrity because to quote the Vice President of an international company at the same table: "People are so pleased to see a magazine with such high ideals doing so well in a rotten world."

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Pastor General's ReportNovember 21, 1977Vol 1 No. 3