Plain Truth Magazine
March 1935
Volume: Vol II, No.1
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   As this issue of the PLAIN TRUTH goes to press Europe is on the brink of WAR.
   The loading news headline in the Portland Oregonian says: "FRANTIC EUROPE RUSHES TO ARMS. Cream of Youth Called to Colors Abroad. Talk of Peace Drowned by Martial Clamor." The news story says "War is talked o everywhere."
   Germany has defied and renounced the Versailles Treaty. Germany is rearming at feverish pace. Great Britain, France, and Italy are making frantic efforts to prevent war. But every effort appears to fail. War may come any hour, although we believe Bible prophecies indicate God will supernaturally hold it back — at least as a world-war — about another eighteen months. Still, it is possible a European war my break ANY HOUR, developing into the world-war prophesied within the eighteen months.
   During recent years German scientists and technicians have been secretly straining every energy to produce NEW weapons of destruction that would more than effect the limitations on German army strength imposed by the Versailles treaty. The truth about Hitler's hellish new weapons of destruction has leaked out only within the past two weeks!
   Five new weapons, far more terrible than anything yet devised by man, are the product of this fiendish effort. They are:
   1st, The Stratosphere rocket, charged with high explosive, poison gas, or germs, shot thru the stratosphere, at a height of 12,000 to 20,000 meters. It can be sent up from Berlin, and by radio control from there, caused to drop and explode in New York, London, or Paris!
   2nd, The "Z" Ray, a weapon that will pulverize steel girders. When applied, bridges will fall, enemy gun muzzles will belt, airplane motors will disintegrate in midair, radio stations and railway tracks will be pulverized, the sheet armor of attacking tanks will go to pieces! Enemy shells waiting to be fired at a distance will be exploded at the cannon's breech, killing its own men.
   3rd, The "All piercing bullet." It will pierce armor six inches thick. Hitler is producing 480,000 of these bullets a day.
   4th, The rotative gun, a Krupp production. Has five rotating barrels, and fires a thousand rounds a minute. It's efficiency is TWICE that of any weapon used in other armies! Hitler now is constructing 2,000 of them.
   5th, The Stange machine gun. Weighs only 18 pounds. Can be carried and handled by one man. Fires 600 rounds a minute. Shoots the "all piercing" bullet, making it the most deadly infantry weapon ever used.
   Press dispatches say Hitler is calling 8,500,000 young men for military training!
   The present organize military forces of the nations include 16,210,000 men in the Red Army of Russia; 6,952,213 men in France; 6,495,535 in Italy; 2,177,000 in Japan; 1,141,987 in Great Britain; 1,100,000 in Germany — and only 444,661 in the U.S.!
   Since 1914 these nations have increased the number of machine and big guns 500%!
   The next world war will end at Armageddon! And it may start ANY HOUR!
   The SIGNS God is giving us by which we may KNOW that the last PLAGUES of the "Day of the Lord," and the Second Coming of Christ are at hand, are all HERE NOW! These warning signs include the present luke-warm Christianity, the falling-away from the TRUTH, the world Depression, including unemployment, the many millionaires, etc.; the automobile, airplane, radio; the peace conferences, and proclamations of PEACE! — And the drought and visitations of grasshoppers and bugs!
   Every one of the SIGNS foretold in the Bible are now HERE! And yet we go along unconcerned — ASLEEP! It is time to WAKE UP.
   In EVERY ONE of these prophecies, God warns us "Watch ye therefore, and Pray ALWAYS, that ye may be accounted worthy to ESCAPE all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man!" "Let us NOT SLEEP, as do others, but let us WATCH, and be sober...Pray without ceasing." "Therefore also now, saith the Lord, TURN YE even to me with all your heart, and with FASTING, and with weeping, and with mourning: and REND YOUR HEART... CRY UNTO THE LORD!"
   God has warned us! We are trying to warn our readers! Do not think it is only the OTHER fellow that needs this warning. It is YOU! If YOU fail to heed — if YOU do not get down on your knees in far more DEAD EARNEST, confessing sins and faults, crying out in real earnest to God, taking these things more seriously, — then, God help you! These things are REAL.

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Plain Truth MagazineMarch 1935Vol II, No.1