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Name the two spies who encouraged Israel to move into Canaan?
Joshua and Caleb

Numbers 13

Should Christianity be Endured - or ENJOYED?
Plain Truth Magazine
May-June 1938
Volume: Vol III, No.5
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Should Christianity be Endured - or ENJOYED?

Have you thought of religion as a life of gloom - a sort of living, painful, penance merely to be endured - a lot of "don'ts", and giving up of every pleasure that makes life worth living - with all the rewards to be collected in the hereafter? And do you want to really LIVE - and live more abundantly here and now? Then do not judge true Christianity by the empty form you have seen so man deluded people practice. Jesus said: "I am come that they might have LIFE, and that they might have it more abundantly." (John 10:10) Listen to the experience of George John Romanes:

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Plain Truth MagazineMay-June 1938Vol III, No.5