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How many baskets of bread crumbs were there after the feeding of the 5,000?

John 6:13

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Why Sex?

What is the true purpose and meaning of sex? The fifth in a series. History is being written in unhappy, frustrated lives. Why is the "New Morality" not solving the problem? The more human leaders have tampered with moral codes, social regulations, forms of government, international movements for peace, the further they have plunged the world into evils, wars and violence, human misery and suffering. And the further they have driven humanity from man kind's transcendent potential. There is - I repeat again and again - a CAUSE for every effect. And the cause? The MISSING DIMENSION - the basic, foundational KNOWLEDGE - the true premise for all explanations, philosophies and guidance in conduct. And the WAY OF LIFE that would CAUSE all good.

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