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The WAR, at the moment, in Prophecy
Plain Truth Magazine
May-June 1941
Volume: Vol VI, No.1
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The WAR, at the moment, in Prophecy

War events thunder on, rapidly approaching the prophesied climax! Since the last issue of the PLAIN TRUTH - November-December - many things have occurred, everyone in accordance with prophecy! Hitler now emerges as the, "BEAST" of Revelation! For years we have told our listeners and our readers that the "BEAST" who revives the Empire of ancient Rome, and fights Christ at ARMAGEDDON, would Mussolini - or his successor. But in the past few months Hitler has taken over Mussolini and all Italy are now in Hitler's power. Germans are placed in every branch of the Italian government, and no step may be taken today without their approval. Hitler's "NEW WORLD ORDER," described elsewhere in this number, will go far enough to establish the seventh head of this "BEAST" - by a union of the ten "horns," (junior-partner dictatorships) which will restore the Roman Empire to the complete world-domination of the old.

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Plain Truth MagazineMay-June 1941Vol VI, No.1