Will HITLER Crack up this Year?
Plain Truth Magazine
March-April 1943
Volume: Vol VIII, No.1
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Will HITLER Crack up this Year?

HAS the turning point been reached - ARE we winning now? Here is the secret of Nazi planning to rule the world - the inside story of the Munich Planning Academy. Here are the condensed facts, simply, plainly, understandingly told, about the new science now becoming the basis of ALL military planning - Geopolitics. If ever a war stage was set for action and the whole world for that stage it surely is set now. The big action usually comes in the Spring and early Summer. That time is almost here. And this Spring this war will blow WIDE OPEN. At the moment, the world stands poised for the most explosive blows of military destruction ever to visit this earth!

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Plain Truth MagazineMarch-April 1943Vol VIII, No.1