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How many did Jesus appoint to go to cities two by two?

Luke 10:1

The Plain Truth About Communism
Plain Truth Magazine
April-May 1944
Volume: Vol IX, No.1
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The Plain Truth About Communism

During the past year and a half a peculiar phenomenon has occurred in America. A popular wave of emotional fervor for Russia has been surging throughout this nation. Influential men, magazines and newspapers, have been literally fawning on Stalin. The tremendous influence of the movies, to an alarming extent, has been utilized for stirring up this virtual patriotism for a foreign nation - Russia. WHY? On the other hand there are many who distrust Stalin and Russia - who fear the possibility of a separate peace being negotiated between the Germans and Stalin. And most of those who expound Biblical prophecy have been saying loudly that Ezekiel's prophecy (38th and 39th chapters) reveals that Russia soon will ally with Germany. Many even proclaim that this prophecy shows Stalin will double - cross and actually invade Britain and America! What, then, is the plain unvarnished TRUTH?

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Plain Truth MagazineApril-May 1944Vol IX, No.1