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What Old Testament prophet prophesied about Judas Iscariot's death and burial?

Matthew 27:9

Peace! Peace! There is no Peace!
Plain Truth Magazine
March-April 1946
Volume: Vol XI, No.1
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Peace! Peace! There is no Peace!

NEED FOR HARMONY APPARENT AS UNO SECURITY COUNCIL OPENS FIRST MEETING, HUNTER COLLEGE, NEW YORK CITY. As Secretary of State Byrnes said in opening the first meeting of the Security Council of the United Nations Organization today: "This is a moment of great importance in the history of the world. With this meeting the Security Council of the UNO begins to function permanently and continuously," I write this from the press room of this temporary headquarters of the Security Council. The session begins today as all such conferences do, with speeches by important personages. Press men and women are milling around in the press room here, writing and filing, for their papers thousands of words, reporting names and happenings. But what is being said in these opening speeches; and what is being sent out from here to be read in newspapers throughout the world is not of itself important.

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Plain Truth MagazineMarch-April 1946Vol XI, No.1