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NOW it Can Be Told!
Plain Truth Magazine
December 1948
Volume: Vol XIII, No.6
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NOW it Can Be Told!

... behind the scenes at the San Francisco Conference! It could not be broadcast. You read nothing of it in newspapers. But now it can be told to readers of The PLAIN TRUTH - the inside facts of the most significant event at the San Francisco Conference. It was prophetic. Already it is changing the course of the world. Soon the entire world will gasp with WONDER, when they behold, full blown, the amazing thing that was germinated at this special meeting. I was there. I saw this spectacle. I heard the startling pronouncement. Top diplomats of many European and South American nations were there. Other thousands were there. It was, in fact, the largest crowd to attend any meeting during the Conference, though this was not an official United Nations meeting and probably few grasped the prophetic significance.

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Plain Truth MagazineDecember 1948Vol XIII, No.6