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To whom did the Babylonian Kingdom fall in 539 BC?
Medes and Persians.

Daniel 5

Hart to Heart Talk With the Editor
Plain Truth Magazine
July 1949
Volume: Vol XIV, No.2
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Hart to Heart Talk With the Editor

THIS TIME I want to talk to you about sickness and disease - about what to do when you or your children catch cold, have a fever, or become sick. I'm writing out in the desert, where Mrs. Armstrong and I have come for warm sunshine and rest and another long fast. This is my twenty-first day of fasting. Before coming here I was so enervated from overwork I was not only unfit to continue my heavy responsibilities, including the writing of this issue of The PLAIN TRUTH, but unable to throw off a cold. I feel immeasurably better. My head is clear, my blood-stream being cleansed of the toxins and poisons. I hope soon to be back at my desk in Pasadena 100% fit. So this seems a good time to tell you about fasting, sickness and disease. WHY are people sick?

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Plain Truth MagazineJuly 1949Vol XIV, No.2