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HITLER May Be Alive!
Plain Truth Magazine
June 1952
Volume: Vol XVII, No.1
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HITLER May Be Alive!

Here's new evidence that Hitler may be still alive! Here is Stalin's strategy for conquering all Europe - already launched in its first stages! Here are the startling FACTS taking place in Germany today, with the PROPHECY of where these terrible events are leading. The news, today, should make you stand aghast! New evidence comes to light that HITLER IS STILL ALIVE! The U.S. pressures thru a REľARMED GERMANY and a UNITED EUROPE to defend against the war from Russia that ISN'T COMING, while it neglects the REAL WAR, in Asia - and Korea is beginning to be called "the FORGOTTEN war." Yet, in spending unprecedented BILLIONS of your dollars and mine - TAX dollars - preparing Germany and Europe for defense against the war that isn't going to come, stupid bungling America is spending its wealth and resources to produce the Frankenstein that IS going to TURN ON US in an OFFENSIVE war of invasion, and DESTROY OUR UNITED STATES!

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Plain Truth MagazineJune 1952Vol XVII, No.1