HITLER Did Not Die
Plain Truth Magazine
August 1952
Volume: Vol XVII, No.2
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HITLER Did Not Die

Adolph Hitler's fake suicide in his Berlin Bunker now is exposed as History's greatest hoax! Positive evidence comes to light Hitler did not die - here's new evidence that Hitler is alive, directing Nazi Underground, today! Adolph Hitler probably is still alive, today. Evidence piles up that he is this minute secretly directing the powerful Nazi Underground! There is absolutely NO EVIDENCE that Hitler committed suicide, and, as the world was led to believe, his body with that of Eva Braun burned in the Reichschancellery garden. And now, it is revealed at last, there is definite evidence that Hitler's body was not burned in the Reichschancellery garden, as Nazis told the world.

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Plain Truth MagazineAugust 1952Vol XVII, No.2