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Luke 19:1-3

Can the Devil Heal?
Plain Truth Magazine
August 1953
Volume: Vol XVIII, No.3
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Can the Devil Heal?

Here are startling facts about a diabolical counterfeit of the true manifestations of the Holy Spirit. This counterfeit has caused the world to sneer at God's healing power! A few days ago I attended a highly advertised healing service. Of the thousands who came, there were three wheel chair patients who had come hoping to be healed. What I am now going to relate will amaze you! After prayer, the minister, pointing to a crippled woman said, "The Lord has shown me that you will walk before this meeting is over." A little later he shouted, "God has revealed to me that you will walk out through that church door on your own power and strength yet tonight." Two ushers helped her out of her wheel chair. She took a few steps forward, but had to be supported all the way.

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Plain Truth MagazineAugust 1953Vol XVIII, No.3