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Today's Religious Doctrines... how did they begin? - Part IV
Plain Truth Magazine
February-March 1954
Volume: Vol XIX, No.2
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Today's Religious Doctrines... how did they begin? - Part IV

In the first three articles of this series we learned that the teachings of Christ's apostles were cleverly changed by the secret introduction of similar pagan customs. We traced these pagan customs back to their origin. We found they commenced at the tower of Babel, over 4,000 years ago. At Babel, Nimrod founded CIVILIZATION, based on a false way of life - man's rule without God (Genesis 11). After his death, his wife Semiramis, for purposes of prestige and power, developed a false RELIGIOUS system which has deceived the world to this day! Knowing that the Savior was to come, she counterfeited Christ by pretending to be the virgin mother who miraculously conceived and brought forth the son of God or Savior. Using one of her own illegitimate sons for this purpose, she claimed that her dead hero husband (Nimrod) was thus miraculously reborn!

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Plain Truth MagazineFebruary-March 1954Vol XIX, No.2