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Who am I: I was called a "friend of God", because I obeyed God without question. My name was changed in later life. To prove my obedience I was asked to sacrifice my son.

Genesis 12:4; 17:5; 20:2; 22:2

Today's Religious Customs how did they begin? - Part VII
Plain Truth Magazine
June 1954
Volume: Vol XIX, No.5
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Today's Religious Customs how did they begin? - Part VII

Salvation is certainly the most important question in today's confused world, communism is stalking the earth. It threatens freedom of religion. Soon, very soon, there will be a "famine ...of hearing of the words of the Lord," and then it will be too late. For "they shall SEEK the word of the Lord, and shall NOT FIND IT," (Amos 8:11-12). TROUBLE, terrible trouble, IS JUST AHEAD and NOW while things are relatively peaceful is the time to prepare yourself to meet it. The vast majority today believe they are on the right road to salvation. They are honest, sincere people. They do what they think is right. Never has it entered their mind to question that they might be wrong. This series of articles is a stern warning against the confusion and failure of professing Christianity in our tottering Western World. Save these magazines for re-reading. They will be very useful in the coming dark hours. This series of articles may be obtained in a forthcoming book entitled Satan's Great Deception.

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Plain Truth MagazineJune 1954Vol XIX, No.5