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What is the commandment that relates to jealousy.
You shall not covet (10th).

Exodus 20:17

What's Behind the Movies?
Plain Truth Magazine
April 1955
Volume: Vol XX, No.3
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What's Behind the Movies?

What is behind the many religious movies being produced? Why should Hollywood devote so many films to ancient Rome, and the beginnings of Christianity? There is a vast, diabolical plan of subtle deception being carried out in most western nations today! You, TOO may be deceived! Most people want to be "led" and told what to do. Knowing this fact only too well, the god of THIS world, this age, who is Satan, the great DECEIVER (II Cor. 11:14-15), uses as his cunning implements and tools of deception the most effective means known to mankind in making people swallow wholeheartedly clever LIES and subtle half - truths!

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Plain Truth MagazineApril 1955Vol XX, No.3