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Can a WEALTHY Person be a Christian?
Plain Truth Magazine
December 1956
Volume: Vol XXI, No.12
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Can a WEALTHY Person be a Christian?

Is it true that only poor people are likely to be "saved"? WHY are some people rich - and some poor? Abraham Lincoln is reputed once to have said: "God must love the poor because He made so many of them." Was Lincoln right? It is commonly assumed that - because of certain Biblical passages, and because the poorer classes as a whole seem naturally to be more religious God must prefer the poor to the rich. In fact, many people feel that material wealth itself is "sinful," and a certain feeling of spiritual superiority often displays itself as they discuss the mistakes of their well-to-do neighbor whom they describe as "filthy rich." Are the poor, then, more righteous than those who have material wealth? Is the possession of riches a sin in itself? As true Christians, growing in the grace and knowledge of Christ - as overcomers, preparing for positions of responsibility in the kingdom of God we need to ask, and find the answer, to these vital questions affecting our everyday lives.

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Plain Truth MagazineDecember 1956Vol XXI, No.12