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Who am I: I was sick. Isaiah said I was going to die, but I wept and prayed to God reminding him that I had tried to follow him. He healed me and I lived another 15 years.

II Kings 20:1-6

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WHAT DO YOU MEAN: "Give Yourself to Christ"?

Millions have heard the cry, "Give your life to Jesus!" "Accept Christ now - and GIVE yourself to Him!" But those same millions might ask, "How?" What does it mean to "give" yourself to Christ? Are you like many thousands of others who have "made a decision for Christ" - who have decided to give yourself to Him? If you are, the chances are you ran into a blank wall immediately after making that decision! Each year, many thousands of persons are trying to "give" their lives to Jesus Christ. In a moment of remorse over their past lives - a moment of realization of God's mercy and love - they decide to accept Jesus as their Saviour. But HOW does a person do such a thing as giving his own self to Christ? What does it mean? Is it merely a temporary decision, or a sentiment? Is it something that is of the emotions only? Or is it a down-to-earth, concrete, PRACTICAL course of action - a WAY OF LIVING?

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Plain Truth MagazineOctober 1957Vol XXII, No.10