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Who was made to carry Jesus' cross?
Simon of Cyrene.

Luke 23:26

The Bible Story - Two More Plagues On Egypt
Plain Truth Magazine
June 1960
Volume: Vol XXV, No.6
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The Bible Story - Two More Plagues On Egypt

The king of Egypt tried to erase from his mind what Aaron had said about the coming plague of locusts. But the more he tried to forget it, the more he worried. "There have been many locust swarms in the land from time to time," Pharaoh thought. "These insects have done damage, but they didn't bother people or animals. Surely another swarm of these creatures wouldn't mean great hardship." Unable to sleep, Pharaoh got out of bed and quietly walked across the room to the curtained east windows. He didn't summon servants to pull the curtains, because he didn't wish to awaken his wife. He hoped that his children, bedded in adjoining rooms, would also sleep through the windstorm.

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Plain Truth MagazineJune 1960Vol XXV, No.6