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What prevented the lions from attacking Daniel?
An angel shut their mouths.

Daniel 6:22

Plain Truth Magazine
January 1961
Volume: Vol XXVI, No.1
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Here is the shocking, surprising third installment. Learn the cause of marital unhappiness and what you personally can do about it. In the last issue, we saw clearly revealed the awesome problem of child crime and violence in our nation. We saw positive proof that much child criminality is the direct remit of UPSIDE DOWN HOMES. Just as juvenile delinquency is only the final RESULT of basic underlying causes, so is divorce the final result of a marriage already doomed because of basic causes. In this number, we shall investigate thoroughly the AVERAGE family conditions - the government within the average home, the mental attitudes, the entertainment patterns, the daily way of life of millions of families. It is only in this way, by seeing clearly the flaws and blemishes in the AVERAGE home, that we can properly analyze the real reasons for disobedience in average children.

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Plain Truth MagazineJanuary 1961Vol XXVI, No.1