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Whom did Jesus say would sit on thrones to rule the 12 tribes of Israel?
The disciples.

Luke 22:30

Heart to Heart Talk With the Editor
Plain Truth Magazine
September 1961
Volume: Vol XXVI, No.9
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Heart to Heart Talk With the Editor

Personal from Herbert W Armstrong - YESTERDAY, driving a visiting minister from Pasadena around London, we drove over to the Parliament Buildings and stopped at the entrance to the House of Commons visitors' gallery. Britain's Prime Minister, Me. Macmillan, was scheduled to deliver a history-making speech, urging Britain's immediate entry into negotiations for joining the European Common Marker. We wanted to hear that speech. On both sides of the entrance, people were queued up in long lines. On inquiring of officials, we learned that many had been standing or sitting there for many hours, and that it would be three or four more hours before doors would open to the Visitors' gallery. Further, there already were more people waiting in line than would be admitted. So we read his speech in the newspapers later.

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Plain Truth MagazineSeptember 1961Vol XXVI, No.9