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January 1962
Volume: Vol XXVII, No.1
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The shelter business is booming! Luridly frightening ads threaten momentary nuclear attack displaying the latest and roomiest ready-made fallout shelter for your own back yard. Is nuclear war really coming? Is there much chance of survival? SHOULD you build a fallout shelter? Read the startling BIBLE answer!

   FEAR and doubt are sweeping our nation! Everywhere, you hear talk of FALLOUT shelters. They ask, in brassy, bold type, "HAVE YOU PREPARED FOR SURVIVAL?"
   Striking newspaper articles talk of "Project Noah," outlining the horrifying specter of fear and doubt gripping the minds of the citizens of our countries.
   WHY? What does it all really mean? Should YOU look for suitable financing, investigate the claims of various construction companies begin building your own fallout shelter?

The Survival of Civilization

   Students in a west-coast college were told recently, "I imagine that the survival of civilization depends on you." They were then given their "problem" in terse, but terrifying terms.
   "The world is threatened with a nuclear war so devastating that the earth's surface would be uninhabitable for 100 years. Your task: Design a survival colony to keep civilization alive for a full century."
   The students were equal to the task.
   They outlined whole colonies, living deep within the bowels of the earth, producing their own daily necessities, equipped with schools, hospitals, gymnasiums, little theaters, and machine shops. They proposed daily diets, and advanced suggestions on how to choose which people should survive, to preserve humanity.
   Can you believe it? Do you really comprehend the significance of these frightening times in which you're living?
   Today, scientists have advanced highly controversial, much-talked-of proposals for the survival of the human race.
   They have outlined huge, space-age "Noah's Arks," in the form of giant space platforms, or a man-made asteroid, with a colony of human beings orbiting around the earth for generations, to descend after the land below became inhabitable once again.
   They have talked of human sperm banks, to preserve the seed of life should every man be rendered sterile from radioactivity, or should genetic disorders breed a race of veritable monsters on earth, in the event any portion of mankind should survive a nuclear war.
   But no suggestion has caught fire and swept the nation quite like the individual family fallout shelter!
   Already, as if overnight, it has become BIG BUSINESS in the United States.

The Booming Shelter Business

   Widespread publicity of top-level, official nature has truly alarmed many Americans.
   Our British cousins, looking bemusedly at our feverish antics, have said, "Air-raid shelter signs can be found everywhere, causing some amusement to people who remember London in 1940. In the never-never land of Southern California there is a boom in shelters, some bought from enterprising manufacturers, some products of the do-it-yourself spirit" (Dr. D.W. Brogan, in the Manchester Guardian).
   Others are shocked to learn of Americans supplying their shelters with stocks of guns and ammunition, avowedly to shoot down any "neighbors" who attempted to crowd in with them, in the event of attack. As the Manchester Guardian acidly reported, "In the neighboring and nearly empty state of Nevada, it was seriously proposed to call out the militia to shoot down fleeing 'Angelenos' and even in the flourishing academic city of Riverside, not very far from Los Angeles, resolute citizens were laying in guns as well as provisions to keep their fellow citizens out of their shelters."
   Religious organizations are urging their congregations to build community-type shelters.
   Priests and ministers say it may be "justifiable" to shoot down your neighbor, leaving him to gurgle out his life's blood at the entrance, and that it may be "necessary to protect your own life."
   Others, soured and disgusted by the sadistic display of fear and threatened brutality, have stated they will simply "take their chances" above ground!
   Today American citizens dividing into the "shelter" and the "no shelter" groups.
   Special reports in leading newspapers, radio and TV coverage, have shot the shelter business into overnight sensationalism.

Authority Says Shelters Farce

   On the other hand, many will tell you building a "fallout" shelter is a piteous display of idiocy.
   The publisher of a leading scientific journal plainly stated that building fallout shelters is useless. The country would be in danger, not from fallout, he stated, but from blast, shock wave, and resultant fire storms.
   He explained that the tremendous up-drafts created by the kindling of all burnable materials in county or state wide areas would cause monstrous fire tornadoes, whose giant fire funnels would be far more destructive than incidental radioactive fallout.
   George Gallup, famous pollster, found Americans frankly confused by the great shelter debate. People want the truth they want to KNOW whether or not to build a shelter, and if so, what kind, how. big, how deep, and at what cost?

Is Nuclear WAR Ahead?

   Will there be all-out nuclear-bomb war? If so, how can you KNOW? How can you be sure?
   There is a source to which you can go! It is the Holy, Sacred, ACCURATE Word of your Creator! You have heard us say many times, on the World Tomorrow program that one full third of the Bible is PROPHECY!
   Prophecy is tomorrow's news before it happens! And it DOES talk about future ALL-OUT NUCLEAR WARS believe it or not!
   Jesus described these fearsome days! He foretold the chaos among nations, the increasing natural calamities, the impending NUCLEAR bomb holocaust!
   He said, in answer to His disciples' questions about the end o f the world, and His return to this earth, "For then shall be GREAT TRIBULATION, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be and except those days should be SHORTENED," continued Jesus, "NO FLESH SHALL BE SAVED!"
   Your Savior says there will BE NO SURVIVAL not in space-age Noah's arks, not through sperm banks, and not by building fallout shelters UNLESS A SPECIAL, SUPERNATURAL INTERVENTION FROM GOD occurs!
   Except the days should be CUT SHORT, said Jesus, NO flesh would remain alive on this earth!
   For years, articles in this magazine have carefully documented and fearlessly warned of impending DISASTER to strike our peoples!
   But the disaster will be all the more heightened because it will come, NOT from the source we so fearfully expect, but from an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT one!
   Yes NUCLEAR BOMBS WILL BE USED! Your Bible says WARS are yet ahead the most utterly devastating in the history of man.

What Chance of SURVIVAL is there?

   God inspired the prophet Ezekiel to give a grave warning to our peoples the English-speaking people of America, Britain, Australia, South Africa and Canada! We are, believe it or not, the actual sons of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob! (Read our free booklet, "The United States and the British Commonwealth in Prophecy.")
   God inspired Ezekiel to foretell the actual percentages of our peoples who will survive this prophesied attack! Notice it carefully!
   "A THIRD PART of thee shall die with the pestilence, and with famine shall they be consumed in the midst of thee, and a third part shall fall by the sword round about thee, and I will scatter a third part into all the winds, and I will draw out a sword after them" (Ezek. 5:12).
   This fearsome prophecy is REAL! It's for OUR PEOPLES in this day!
   For years, the World Tomorrow program, and the pages of this magazine have been THUNDERING this frightening warning to our heedless populaces of impending national calamities on a scale not even imagined in our weirdest nightmares!
   Ezekiel wrote this startling warning over 100 years after our forebears had been taken captive, as slaves, and had been mass-deported into Assyria!
   The warning was NOT for them, at that time but is written for us, Now!
   Notice it! Pestilence, or terrible disease epidemics are coming, and, at the same general time, our peoples are going to be stricken by great "natural" disasters in the upset WEATHER conditions even now growing more ominous every year Drought, and the resultant famine will take millions and millions of lives!
   Then in our weakened and dispirited state, a HARSH and CRUEL enemy one we DON'T EVEN RECOGNIZE today will suddenly launch a lightning-swift ATTACK!
   "In all your dwelling places the CITIES SHALL BE LAID WASTE... the slain shall fall in the midst of you, and you shall know that I am the Eternal!" (Ezek. 6:6).
   Think of it! ONE THIRD of our peoples will already be dead when this sudden, terribly devastating nuclear attack comes, leveling our huge metropolises, leaving them smoking hulks of twisted steel and rubble, like empty, silent craters in the earth!
   ONE THIRD more than SIXTY MILLION PEOPLE in the United States alone will have died from disease and starvation!
   Then, ANOTHER ONE THIRD, another SIXTY MILLION will be slaughtered by the horrible nuclear bombing that will lay waste our lands, leaving them virtual uninhabitable desert wastes, incapable of supporting life!
   God sternly warns the remainder will be DEPORTED in mass shipments to strange countries, made to serve as veritable SLAVES to a cruel task master! All this will happen, unless we repent and turn to God in time to prevent it.
   What CHANCE of escape and survival is there according to the Divinely-inspired word of God? Only ONE OUT OF THREE!
   But even the remaining one third are to be scattered and God prophesied, "I will draw out a sword after them" (Ezek. 5:12). Your Bible shows the pitiful remnant of only TEN PER CENT will be left alive after this horrible WORLD WAR that is ahead only one out of every ten of our citizens!
   What chance of survival is there? Not very much! Only ONE chance in TEN! (Amos 5:3)

What Chance for PEACE?

   "But suppose," some might ask, "there is no war suppose nations find how to live together, in peace?" But that would be truly SUPPOSING!
   The alarming warnings of today do not come from glassy-eyed, wild-haired, raving maniacs, blowing on trumpets of doom, and waving their arms on "skid row" or in the town square. No the stern warnings come from the Chiefs of State, from the world leaders in every echelon of society and from MANY different nations!
   Adlai Stevenson, America's Ambassador to the United Nations, said the foremost problem on the agenda of the United Nations was the survival of humanity! World leaders aren't "kidding!" They really mean it.
   But still, they HOPE for peace. How to achieve that lasting peace, how to avert the horrifying disaster that seems to loom over the horizon, they do not know but they are frantically trying to avert it!
   What should YOU be doing, in the meantime?
   First, you should busily PROVE whether or not there really is a higher power a Creator-GOD in heaven above, who really RULES over His creation, and stands ready to INTERRUPT men's activities here below!
   You should begin to honestly FACE the biggest, most important questions in your life: Is the BIBLE really the word of God? Can I TRUST it? Are its prophecies and warnings TRUE? Will they really HAPPEN just that way?
   You should begin to be truly honest with yourself! You know these frightening world conditions really do exist! You know there is no apparent way out. But do you know what you should be DOING about it?
   If you want to get started on this MOST urgent task then begin to really study these things in your own Bible. Write in for the Ambassador College Bible Correspondence Course, and join the more than 30,000 other students who are diligently studying it, without any cost or tuition. Read the booklets and articles you read of in these pages, or hear announced over' the radio. And above all, begin to really study your own Bible!
   When you face the issues squarely you know there is really only ONE hope. That is the hope Jesus gave in the Gospel of the coming Kingdom of God! He said, "... except those days were SHORTENED, there would be no flesh saved!" (Mat. 24:21). But He went on to say that God would supernaturally cut short the days, for the sake of the ELECT!
   That is our only real hope for survival! The intervention of God!

WHO are the Elect?

   Jesus Christ promised protection to His own elect! He PROMISED they would survive the prophesied holocaust to strike this unsuspecting world!
   He said, "FEAR NOT, little flock, it is my Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom" (Luke 12:32).
   He promised that somewhere on this earth, right now, there would be His own WORK! That work would be faithfully performed, He promised, by His own true followers, who KNOW HIS VOICE, who would be preaching, NOT some man-made "gospel" of grace, faith, hope or love, but "the Gospel of the Kingdom" as a WITNESS to the WHOLE WORLD!
   They would be preaching it, chapter-by-chapter, verse-by-verse, word-by-word, just exactly as it really is, not as they might interpret it to be, or any man woman, or organization of men or women would like to have it preached!
   Because it is ONLY THOSE who have an absolute guarantee of safety!
   The very elect are those who are the called and chosen, who have truly REPENTED of their own carnal ways, and have accepted the Holy ways of God! They are the ones who have been made members of the very BODY of Jesus Christ (I Cor. 12:13) performing HIS WORK! Jesus speaks of these faithful ones, in the Book of Revelation.
   "And to the angel of the church in Philadelphia [the prophesied end-time Church of God, doing the work of God] write: 'I know thy works, behold, I have set before thee an open door" (Rev. 3:7-8).
   The Apostle Paul spoke of a door flung open before him to PREACH THE GOSPEL (II Cor. 2:12). Remember, Jesus promised, "This Gospel of the Kingdom SHALL be preached in all the world..." (Mat. 24:14), and promised to make a way for that message of hope and good news to go by flinging open the massive DOORS of radio, the printing press, television, and personal evangelism. He promised those doors would remain open.
   "... and no man can shut it, for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept my word, and hast not denied my name" (Rev. 3:8).
   Yes, the very elect would NEVER become corrupted by false doctrines, or be muzzled by boards of men it would not deny the name of Jesus Christ, or His true doctrine!
   Later, Jesus gave the exhilarating GOOD NEWS to those faithful ones who put the WORK of God far above their own personal considerations. He said "Because thou hast KEPT the word of my patience, I ALSO WILL KEEP THEE FROM THE HOUR OF TEMPTATION [TRIBULATION] WHICH SHALL COME UPON ALL THE WORLD, TO TRY THEM THAT DWELL ON THE EARTH!" (Rev. 3:10).
   Yes, Jesus promised SAFETY. He promises supernatural PROTECTION to His own elect.

On the Wings of an Eagle

   God brought the ancient Israelites out of Egypt on symbolic "eagles' wings." This symbolizes the loving care and protection of God for His own children. Notice, now, an amazing prophecy. It is about the same Church of God addressed in the promise of protection we have just read in Revelation 3. "And to the woman [the Church] were given two wings of a great eagle, that she might fly into the wilderness, into her place, where she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent" (Rev. 12:14).
   In this end-time prophecy, John writes of the last, end-time REMNANT Church which is to ESCAPE the terrible WAR and tribulation that will soon strike our heedless people. They are, just as the ancient Israelites, carried to a place of SAFETY in the "wilderness" by the supernatural power of Almighty God, their Banner, their Shield, their Protector!

Where Will They GO?

   Now notice another amazing prophecy. Daniel was inspired to write of this impending nuclear war, and its immediate aftermath. In describing the rising BEAST power in Europe, a coming resurrection of the ancient ROMAN EMPIRE, he describes a bid for power by an AFRICAN bloc of nations, as an attack by the symbolic "King of the South" against the "King of the North." But the European power crushes and occupies these poorly equipped upstart countries.
   "And at the time of the end [NOT back during the days of the Seleucidae of Syria] shall the king of the south [perhaps Nasser, or his successor] PUSH at him, and the king of the north shall come against him like a whirlwind, with chariots, and with horsemen, and with many ships, and he shall enter into the countries, and shall overflow and pass over.
   "He shall enter also into the glorious land [Palestine] and many countries shall be overthrown, but these shall escape out of his hand, even Edom and Moab and the chief of the children of Ammon."
   Why are these areas spared?
   For a very special reason!

A PLACE of Protection

   Notice! God promises His people will be nourished, provided for, in the "wilderness!" He will supernaturally protect them, carrying them safely there on symbolic "eagles' wings." They may be taken by air, sea or land the Bible doesn't say. But where is this "wilderness" place God is readying?
   Many Bible statements indicate it is in the areas anciently occupied by the Edomites, Moabites, and Ammonites, southeast of Jerusalem, in the rugged, barren-mountains beyond the Dead Sea (Dan. 11:41 and Isaiah 16:4-5).
   Regardless of WHERE the "place" where the Church is nourished and protected during these perilous times described in so many dozens of prophecies the way to make sure you are going there is clear!
   Does this sound fantastic? Does it sound incredible? Have we, the peoples of GOD, strayed so far from our RULER and our SAVIOR that we think Him UNABLE to save us? Is it ridiculous to most today to really believe in God above and His supernatural protection His divine INTERVENTION in our own personal lives?
   Yes, sadly enough, to most "moderns" such a faith would seem a little silly.
   But again, sadly enough, these same modern people will be the ones taking their slim chances in their fallout shelters, tunnels, caves and subways when the bombs begin to fall!

WHERE Will You Turn?

   Heedless man today looks to his own abilities to bring PEACE! Still he fails miserably. Meanwhile just in case of an armed attack from a brutal enemy aggressor nation, thousands begin to feebly build back-yard FALLOUT shelters, hoping to survive the brain-chilling specter of nuclear holocaust they fear will strike America's major cities and military bases.
   But where will you turn? Whom will you believe?
   The FALLOUT shelter business is pretty RISKY right now. For example, LOOK magazine, December 5, 1961, reported there are "Chiselers and fly-by-nighters" elbowing into the field of fallout shelter building. Reliable information on the real facts about shelters, their provisioning, type materials, air ducts, location and financing are pretty hard to come by, reported this major magazine.
   Look sarcastically reported that the first target the average American may well shoot at, in the event of a World War III, would not be a Russian, but a fellow American, trying to break into his neighbor's fallout shelter!
   Even the STAUNCHEST advocates of building fallout shelters say plainly that if multi-megaton blasts should strike this nation, the resultant fire storm would render the family fallout shelter but a "tiny and fragile oasis." They warn that in some, families would be incinerated. In others, they would be crushed by massive debris or heavy portions of buildings, torn loose and hurled into the air by the giant blasts. Many would be obliterated by the fireball of the explosion others suffocated for lack of oxygen.
   Still other sources say the fallout shelter would be worse than useless in the event of attack.
   Today, guerrilla bands are forming, organizing no, NOT in the Congo RIGHT HERE IN THE "good old U.S.A."!
   They are carrying rifles, submachine guns, burying medicines, foods and ammunition in the mountains.
   It is estimated that one such organization, called the "Minutemen" has buried up to 10,000 rounds of ammunition the length and breadth of the state of California!
   Think of it!
   Depraved people SICK with fear are digging frantically like moles and gophers into the dirt of the ground, seeking protection from the awesome threat of nuclear WAR! Others, seeking some excuse to "act tough," to carry a GUN, and pretend to be a military man, declare themselves to be a "guerrilla," and avow they would SHOOT DOWN any fellow American who tries to use their supplies or equipment in the event of a national emergency!
   Have we gone crazy? Are many of our peoples completely berserk? Is this the solution to our mountainous problems?
   God says we have FORGOTTEN Him! Most of us haven't even known our national identity in God's word. We have rejected and forgotten the SIGN that would identify us as His OWN PEOPLE. We impugn and ridicule HIS LAWS, and live in open defiance of them. Then, as if insatiable with this abomination, we treat His Sacred Word like sheer MYTH!
   Our Heavenly Father stands ready to PUNISH His rebellious children!
   But to those who will truly repent of wanting their own way, and who will come to Him through Jesus Christ and His sacrifice, He promises spiritual, supernatural, MIRACULOUS shelter!
   He is our fortress! He is our Rock! He is our GOD!
   What a SPECTACLE we must be to God, and to the world! Trembling in fear, we begin burrowing into the ground like moles trying to escape!
   But think what an EXAMPLE to the world, and to God, if we would STAND UP, and begin to really put faith and trust in God! What if we would begin to FACE the enemy, not with armor and nuclear might, but with the Word of God, and the Power of His Spirit! What if we, the chosen peoples of God, would go out against Goliath with the WORD OF GOD on our lips, and FAITH in Him! What if we, today, would MARCH INTO THE TEETH of our enemies singing the songs of David trusting in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob OUR God, to deliver us?
   What a grand, glorious, heart-quickening, thrilling sight THAT would be!
   But, as your Bible shows, we peoples will NOT, as a whole, repent and turn to God. It is left up to YOU, as an individual, to make your own choice.
   If you can really have faith in Him trusting HIM for your shelter, your protection, then you do not need a "fallout" shelter you simply will not be here, if you remain fervent, zealous, active and really CONVERTED!
   If you cannot believe in and trust your God, then perhaps you should carefully search the ads, choose a builder, make financial arrangements, and start digging!

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Plain Truth MagazineJanuary 1962Vol XXVII, No.1