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Pool of Siloam

John 9:7

I Saw Adenauer and De Gaulle
Plain Truth Magazine
September 1962
Volume: Vol XXVII, No.9
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I Saw Adenauer and De Gaulle

Here is a firsthand report on the Adenauer-De Gaulle conference - the most momentous meeting held in Europe since World War II. Mr. Apartian broadcasts the World Tomorrow in the French language to all Europe. Seventeen years ago, when I left France, it was a time of national bankruptcy, gloom and misery. V.E. Day was just behind. The western allies, with the help of the United States, had won the bloody war against the Nazis. But none of the victors - especially France - had much cause to rejoice over the long - awaited victory. What was there indeed for her to rejoice over? The ruins of Normandy? The death of millions of Frenchmen? The tragic division of the country into two political factions? The devaluation of the French franc which, at that time, had virtually no gold backing?

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Plain Truth MagazineSeptember 1962Vol XXVII, No.9