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Who was hired to be Moses' nurse?
His mother.

Exodus 2:8

PROPHECY REVEALS The Future of France
Plain Truth Magazine
August 1963
Volume: Vol XXVIII, No.8
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PROPHECY REVEALS The Future of France

The voice of The WORLD TOMORROW broadcast in the French language - Le MONDE A VENIR - Mr. Apartian writes this timely article from a thorough academic French background as well as from the inspired background of God's Word as a minister of Jesus Christ. He writes directly from the capital of France. Napoleon Bonaparte, during the last months of his imprisonment on the island of St. Helena, is said to have spent most of his time reminiscing and reliving his past glory. He kept reminding himself, as well as those around him, of what a great conqueror he had been, of the tremendous things he had achieved, and of the dictatorial powers he held while he was yet emperor. "Sire, the past is dead with all its glory," a guard told him one morning, as the exiled emperor was about to harangue upon the battle of Austerlitz, the crown of his victories.

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Plain Truth MagazineAugust 1963Vol XXVIII, No.8