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What did David do to calm King Saul's evil moods?
Played the harp.

I Samuel 16:23

Behind-the-scenes Report on Education
Plain Truth Magazine
November 1963
Volume: Vol XXVIII, No.11
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Behind-the-scenes Report on Education

Suppose you could attend a meeting of this world's leading educators and historians. What would you hear? This behind-the-scenes report, from our Chicago, Illinois, correspondent, tells you the surprising answer! Chicago, Illinois - You would be shocked to hear what goes on behind-the-scenes in the world of education! If you could be in on a "closed-door" meeting of the top educators of this nation and of Europe - the foremost instructors, professors, and doctors - what would you hear them admit and confess among themselves? What confessions would they voice in secret that they would NOT make to the public - even to their own students?

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Plain Truth MagazineNovember 1963Vol XXVIII, No.11