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What relative of Peter's did Jesus heal?
His mother-in-law.

Luke 4:38

And Now The -
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And Now The - "World Tomorrow" Broadcast Blankets British Isles

THIS past winter and spring The WORLD TOM ORROW program has leaped foreword! For the first time since apostolic days the good news of the Kingdom of God blankets the British Isles. From the estuary of the Thames River The WORLD TOMORROW can now be heard on RADIO LONDON by millions all over southern England at 8 o'clock in the evening. It booms in over London as a local station. And from the Irish Sea RADIO CAROLINE NORTH beams the gospel over the British Isles DAILY at the same time 8 p.m.! Not in all history has there been anything like it. The potential listening audience of these two superpower stations broadcasting from ships at sea, is a condensed, concentrated 55 MILLION PEOPLE! The British Isles are, in area, only about the size of the southern HALF of the State of California - only a third as large as Texas. Yet more than 55,000,000 people are condensed in that little area.

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Plain Truth MagazineJune 1965Vol XXX, No.6