Good News Magazine
April 1951
Volume: Vol I, No. 1
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What this magazine is, and why. It's Good News, indeed, to all our membership.

   AN IDEA is born! The GOOD NEWS is re-born! With the turn of the war in Korea world events speed up in the chaotic plunge to oblivion! And beginning now, the all-important work of God also must speed up! The pace must be accelerated! It must expand now to dynamic WORLD-WIDE activity!
   It's later than we think!
   When God first started AMBASSADOR COLLEGE many brethren and co-workers lacked faith. They couldn't see God's hand in it. Some felt your pastor's duty was solely to preach the Gospel to the world not realizing that one man alone can't do it all!
   They had forgotten that Jesus, Peter and Paul surrounded themselves with specially God-called men whom they trained to assist them in their great mission.
   Some said, "Why, there isn't time! It will be four years before the first students graduate, and even then they will still be just kids without actual experience."

Students Now Ready!

   But there was, and still is, enough time though there is not a day to lose. The end of this age can't come until this very Gospel of the Kingdom has been preached and published in all the world as a witness to all nations (Mat. 24:3, 14).
   Our students have been gaining actual experience daring their college years!
   By their fruits we know they have been called of God for their important parts in this Great Commission of Christ. They are trained and ready. They are consecrated and Spirit-led.
   Already more than one hundred and fifty, brought to repentance and conversion thru this work, have been baptized by these competent disciples (the word "disciple" means "student," or "learner").
   It is already ably demonstrated that God made no mistake when He started Ambassador College!


   And now, with this issue, A NEW IDEA is born. Thru Ambassador College students The GOOD NEWS is re-born! With this issue, our students launch a new activity in Christ's ministry and at the same time, a new college activity.
   Most of our present readers will not understand. So let me explain.
   It was back in February, 1939 twelve years ago that with only Mrs. Armstrong's help, from a little stuffy inside office without windows or ventilation in Eugene, Oregon, the first issue of The GOOD NEWS was printed.
   This new magazine was a paramount need. It was altogether different from the PLAIN TRUTH, which had started five years before. The GOOD NEWS was exclusively for the brethren members those converted and begotten as children of God thru this work.
   The PLAIN TRUTH is evangelistic. It is written largely for those still unconverted, but who, thru the WORLD TOMORROW program, have become interested and want to know more. Before conversion the mind is carnal. And, even though interested, the carnal mind is incapable of grasping the deeper truths of God's revealed Word.

The Purpose of the GOOD NEWS

   But there was tragic need for a publication feeding the flock with the stronger spiritual meat showing those already begotten by Gods Spirit HOW to continue the true Christian lives they have started bringing these true children of God the inspiration, encouragement in face of trial, test, opposition and persecution they so sorely need helping them to GROW in grace and the knowledge of our Lord showing them how to overcome!
   The burden for this new publication was heavy. Under severe handicaps it was started with enthusiasm. That first issue was printed entirely on our old second-hand mimeograph.
   But the commission to "feed my sheep" is second to that Great Commission, ''This Gospel of the Kingdom shall he preached in all the world!' One man alone could not carry on a campaign of evangelism then expanding from local to national, and conduct a personalized ministry to so many at the same time. And so no other issues of the GOOD NEWS were published until now, though I did come as close to it as possible by sending out a number of issues of an abbreviated "Good News LETTER."

Fruit of the College

   But now, at long last, The GOOD NEWS is re-born, as one of the fruits of Ambassador College one of the EVIDENCES that this college was NECESSARY!
   Mrs. Armstrong and I have almost worn ourselves out in constant, zealous, energetic service. We have had more than we could do. God has prospered the work, and it has far outgrown the poor efforts and abilities of one man with only his wife as a helper. Many phases of this dynamic and constantly expanding work have of necessity been neglected. We had to have help.
   The very FACT of the resumption of this most necessary publication is proof of the imperative need of Ambassador College!
   For the NEW IDEA is simply that, by combining this new magazine as the organ of God's CHURCH for its members, and also as the college student paper, its regular publication is now made possible.
   The students wanted a regular college paper, recording the news of campus life, personal incidents, the progress of the college. They needed such a medium for experience in article writing. But our twenty-five students is not, as yet, large enough an enrollment to support such a paper.
   Then the IDEA flashed hot to my mind why not combine this campus publication with the GOOD NEWS which has weighed so heavily on my mind these twelve years? Why not, in this manner, let the college paper give the students practical experience writing articles that will FEED THE FLOCK?
   Instantly it occurred to me that all you brethren are intensely interested in the college that you'd be interested in reading the college news and campus happenings and thus be brought into closer contact with this institution you're helping support.
   Of course! The GOOD NEWS in this way could be reborn! The students could have their paper. It would open up to them a new opportunity for ACTUAL EXPERIENCE in preaching the Gospel in print while still in college. It would become a definite part of their college training. And it would provide all our newly converted and baptised brethren, as well as older members, the direly needed help that only this publication can bring you!
   THAT'S the NEW IDEA! And so here it is, The GOOD NEWS, at last re-born!

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Good News MagazineApril 1951Vol I, No. 1