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Pagan Holidays - or God's Holydays - Which? - Part 2
Good News Magazine
June 1951
Volume: Vol I, No. 2
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Pagan Holidays - or God's Holydays - Which? - Part 2

Was the New Testament Church founded on Sunday? What is the real meaning of Pentecost, and why have the churches lost it? IS THIS the only "day of salvation?" The worldly churches teach that all who die unsaved, or do not "get saved" before the second coming of Christ can never thereafter receive salvation. They assume there is a great contest in progress between Christ and Satan. They believe Christ came to save the world, and all these churches in the world are His churches, through which He is desperately trying to "get the world saved." On the other hand, the clever, deceptive devil is doing all he can to prevent people from being "saved." And they seem to believe there is a time-limit on the contest. We are now near the time for the second coming of Christ, but when Christ returns to earth in Person He will find Himself helpless-utterly unable to save the world from Satan's clutch - because then "it will be too late." "Probation will be closed," as one denomination expresses it. This paganized teaching represents Satan as far more powerful than God.

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Good News MagazineJune 1951Vol I, No. 2