Personal from the Editor
Plain Truth Magazine
September 1965
Volume: Vol XXX, No.9
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Personal from the Editor

Personal from Herbert W Armstrong - LAST MONTH, I found inspiration for my talk with you in an article appearing in the preceding number. This month I am going to repeat the procedure. This time it is David Jon Hill's shocking article written in Hiroshima, Japan. Mr. Hill was on the scene, twenty years after the dropping of the first atomic bomb. He was shaken, deeply moved, by the frightening realization of the unbelievable brain-chilling disaster that ended World War II. Mr. Hill realized that the next nuclear war, with the smallest hydrogen bomb a thousand times more devastating, will wreak a thousand times more havoc. He did not pull his punches. He wrote a blood-curdling description. He wanted our readers to BE WARNED - and TO HEED! The world has sunk into a complacent, indifferent slumber. The world is getting used to violence and war and threats of war.

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Plain Truth MagazineSeptember 1965Vol XXX, No.9