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If Our Neighbors Can Do It, So Can We!
Good News Magazine
April 1952
Volume: Vol II, No. 4
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If Our Neighbors Can Do It, So Can We!
Herman L Hoeh   
Church of God

Born: 1928
Died: November 24, 2004
Ambassador College: 1947
Ordained: December 20, 1952
Office: Evangelist

OUR UNCONVERTED neighbors believe and work for an ideal - the American way of life. It is not God's way of life, of course, but at least they work for a cause. Some may give only five percent of their incomes in bonds and taxes; others may give as much as seventy-five percent. But no matter what the amount, almost everyone of them wants to support America's bid to Democratize this war torn world, making it a pleasanter place for their children to live. Billions of dollars go for armaments, and even millions serve to finance the Voice of America broadcasts in Europe, which reaches a pitifully small fraction of Russia's radio audience. Truman Gets 25%. Perhaps you haven't realized it, but about twenty-five percent of the total national income is utilized to support these and other efforts. If all our neighbors are willing to do that much for man's cause, then how much more ought we do for God's cause!

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Good News MagazineApril 1952Vol II, No. 4
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