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Under whose leadership did God divide the Jordan waters for Israel to cross?

Joshua 3

Here's WHY this World SUFFERS!
Good News Magazine
January 1953
Volume: Vol III, No. 1
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Here's WHY this World SUFFERS!

WARS, misery, poverty and injustice; these are the chronicle of this world's history. Chaos blankets the world today, and yet it is all a part of the plan being worked out here below by Almighty God, the Creator. God did not create the earth and then go off and leave it to let man work his way to his own destruction. Indeed he has a plan that he is working out here below and all of the wars and suffering of mankind are a part of that purpose. God has a thousand-year plan for his coming rule on this earth, known to Bible students as the Millennium, The devil has his thousand-year plan too. The devil is known as the great deceiver. One of his most cunning ways of deceiving people has been to counterfeit God's teachings. WHICH Is the Government of God, Today? Some people believe that the governments of this earth are the governments of God, or that a particular government or regime in power on earth today is the true government of God. The Bible says that Christ is to bring God's government to earth with him at his second coming (Daniel 2:44; Luke 19:12).

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Good News MagazineJanuary 1953Vol III, No. 1