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Who - What - was Jesus before His Human Birth?
Good News Magazine
January 1953
Volume: Vol III, No. 1
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Who - What - was Jesus before His Human Birth?
Garner Ted Armstrong & David Jon Hill  

This question has puzzled theologians for centuries: Was He God - Was He Angel - Was He Spiritual Essence - Did He Exist Only in the Plan, Thought, and Purpose of God? DID CHRIST exist prior to his Human birth through the virgin Mary? Was he God? Was he actually born in HUMAN flesh? Or... was he born of a divine mother, immaculately conceived? What does the Bible teach on this vital subject? We cannot know the answers to these questions until we first realize just what - or who - is God. Is God a Person... an Essence... or only a Principle or an Idea? The word "God" is grossly misunderstood. Men have always liked to "create God in their own image" by putting their own interpretation on the meaning of the word "God." Here - from the Bible is the real meaning of this word. In Genesis 1:1 the original Hebrew word translated "God" is "Elohim," the plural form of the Hebrew word "El" or "Eloah" meaning mighty one. This word is plural - it means MORE THAN ONE. However, it is not a plural like boys or girls but rather a uni-plural word like church or family. There is one God, but composed of MORE THAN ONE MEMBER.

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Good News MagazineJanuary 1953Vol III, No. 1