Bible Study Helps
Good News Magazine
September 1953
Volume: Vol III, No. 8
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Bible Study Helps

What books do you need in studying your Bible? Here is a brief explanation about what is being planned for YOU by the Ambassador Graduate School of Theology.

   MANY of you have repeatedly asked us what books would help you most in reading and studying the Bible in your own home. In most cases we have had to recommend none, except perhaps a good dictionary, a small atlas and a concordance.
   Here is WHY we have had to give you this advice.
   Almost without exception, publications which you can buy in your hometown book stores contain a certain portion of truth mixed with a great deal of error. That is exactly what is producing all the world's ills truth with error. Most people have never had the opportunity, the background, or the training to be able to discern the true from the false material in books. Anything in print looks true, but without special care and the ability to do research, you won't be able to know if it is true.
   But God is solving this problem for you!

What Is Being Planned!

   God has given us to see that THE MINISTRY MUST PROVIDE THE STUDY TOOLS for a basic understanding and a deeper search into the Bible. Mr. Armstrong has been especially trained throughout his life to analyze and to use his ability of discernment. His training, coupled with the educational background of the graduates and ministers of Ambassador College, has made it possible for us to have that absolutely essential and broad fund of knowledge with discernment so that we can begin to provide you the necessary books which will give you the proper basis of Bible understanding.
   We have already begun long-range planning on a series of books (two of which are nearing publication), which will make plain the Old and New Testaments as you have never understood them before. These books will cover the amazing origin of our present civilization giving us the facts about the history and development of this world's customs the history of the sabbath since the flood, a detailed history of our church and of the festivals of God since the days of the first apostles.
   They will explain the origin of pagan holidays, the rise and development of the Catholic Church, the truth about the Protestant Reformation. Another will explain the pitfalls of several modern sects.
   Then there will be a history of the migrations of the House of Israel from Palestine to Northwestern Europe a wonderful addition to the condensed booklet which Mr. Armstrong has already written for you. Together with these, there will be a book on Old Testament chronology and history, another explaining which prophecies of the Old Testament have already been fulfilled and which are yet to be fulfilled.
   Preparations are already being made to write one on the preservation of the Bible and the astounding PROOF that the Bible is inspired and that we now have a PERFECT Greek New Testament text!

But This Is Not All!

   Most of you have heard that, as a group work under Mr. Armstrong's supervision, we are preparing not only the Correspondence Course but also a Commentary, first on the New Testament, then on the Old. Besides this, God willing, we shall also have two other books to help in your Christian living: a cook book already being prepared, which so many of you have requested; and finally and perhaps most important the book on Sex Understanding by Mr. Armstrong.
   Coupled with these, although not a direct part of the Ambassador Graduate School, are the Children's Story Book, explaining the Bible as it ought to be, and the song book containing the psalms set to music by Mr. Armstrong's brother Dwight Armstrong.
   This is our part. It takes time, effort and money.
   Nearly all of these books which pertain to the gospel directly will be published in serial form in the magazines so that you can read them free. But in their final book form they will, of course, have to be sold to cover expense and labor.

What Is Your Part?

   God has shouldered in ministers with a great many responsibilities in feeding the flock His church, our church. These helps which we want all of you to possess because you NEED them, still are secondary to the most important work of spreading the gospel co the world. YOUR PART is to pray earnestly and continually that we can accomplish this task, to be patient, and then to make good use of these publications when completed.
   It is your responsibility to develop your talents and abilities so that you will be qualified to help and instruct others when they ask questions. And perhaps you men may aspire to the office of an elder or deacon in God's church or some other capacity in God's work. A true church might later be reared up in your vicinity. If you are prepared, you would be able to help new converts. As you grow in knowledge, wisdom, and Christian experience, you will discover that Cod always provides a way to use your abilities once you have developed them.
   Most important of all, God's ministers are called to instruct you that you may grow spiritually, "unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ" (Eph. 4:11-13). Christians are to become qualified to rule as kings and priests in God's kingdom (Rev. 5:10). These helps should produce an eternal benefit.

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Good News MagazineSeptember 1953Vol III, No. 8