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What happened to the dead man the Israelites threw into Elisha's tomb?
He came to life and stood up on his feet.

II Kings 13:21

On-the–Spot - Broadcasts Here's WHY!
Plain Truth Magazine
August 1966
Volume: Vol XXXI, No.8
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On-the–Spot - Broadcasts Here's WHY!

Many comments have come from listeners to The WORLD TOMORROW about the on-the-spot broadcasts from strategic locations. Here's the full story, and an insight into WHY the programs were made. THE WORLD TOMORROW broadcast is utterly different. I know - I'm the one doing the talking. Recently, I began something new on The WORLD TOMORROW-broadcasting from strategic sea gates, world capitals, and out-of-the-way places; from important locations in the Holy Land, where Christ taught, and where He was crucified, and the very spot from which He arose.

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Plain Truth MagazineAugust 1966Vol XXXI, No.8