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What were the first foods that the Israelites ate in Canaan?
Unleavened bread and roasted grain.

Joshua 5:11

Let's Look at Ourselves
Good News Magazine
December 1953
Volume: Vol III, No. 11
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Let's Look at Ourselves

Here is an intriguing insight into human nature and what YOU can do about it, by the Dean of Students at Ambassador College. CHILDREN seem such lovable creatures, but have you ever noticed the selfishness in their little hearts? When a dessert dish is passed around the table, they usually take the most appetizing piece without giving a thought about what is left for the next fellow. Or when Johnnie arrives home from school and enters the pantry, he will take an abundance of fruit, not thinking whether there will be enough left for Dad, Mom, and Sis. When you show him his selfishness, he will defend himself by saying, "Oh, I'm not selfish! I just didn't think." I JUST DIDN'T THINK - that is the best definition of selfishness I know. What he means to say is "I just didn't think of them. I was only concerned about MYSELF."

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Good News MagazineDecember 1953Vol III, No. 11