WHY Local Assemblies?
Good News Magazine
March 1954
Volume: Vol IV, No. 2
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WHY Local Assemblies?

Believe it or not, assembling together in local groups or churches may lead to loss of salvation to many - unless these pitfalls are avoided! TRUE, we are commanded not to forsake assembling ourselves together - and so much the more in these last days, as we approach the Day of the Eternal and the second coming of Christ. But there are pitfalls. Those inexperienced and unlearned in all the instruction of God to HIS ministers would never see them. They would trap the unwary and the innocent. But they are there. And they are a very real and potential danger! Three New Churches. The indication and hope now is that God will establish at least three new local congregations among us during this present year. We are hoping to place local pastors to conduct regular Sabbath services in the vicinity of George West or Alice, Texas, at Longmont, Colorado, and to raise up a new church in Los Angeles.

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Good News MagazineMarch 1954Vol IV, No. 2