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How to Cook Vegetables
Good News Magazine
August 1954
Volume: Vol IV, No. 6
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How to Cook Vegetables
Isabell F Hoeh  

Money alone cannot buy good health. Health comes only through right living. With this issue, we continue publication of a series of articles on foods. SUMMER is here and with it, vegetables in variety and abundance. Vegetables, we are told, contain vitamins and minerals that all of us need for good health. Yet doctors and nutritionists say that most Americans suffer from "hidden hunger." Vitamin preparations are advertised in every newspaper and over every radio. Doctors prescribe them for their patients. Why? Obviously, it is not because there is a food shortage. The answer lies in the way so much of the food today is processed and prepared. Refining, preserving and shipping fresh foods long distances cause much of the loss in food value; the rest of the responsibility is with the house-wife. She is accountable for selecting and preparing the vegetables and fruits that the family eats. She needs to know how to do this so that as little as possible of the food value is lost.

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Good News MagazineAugust 1954Vol IV, No. 6