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By what standard was Israel's stay in the wilderness decided?
One year for each day that the spies were spying.

Numbers 14:34

Is God FAIR?
Good News Magazine
October 1954
Volume: Vol IV, No. 8
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Is God FAIR?

Why has God permitted 6000 years of human woe and suffering? LOOK AT THE WORLD TODAY! War, famine, pestilence! Poverty, inequality, hunger, want! Sickness, disease, suffering, death! Crime, graft, dishonesty, corruption! Insanity, degeneration, decay! Unhappiness, fear, wretchedness and woe! How, so many are asking, can a supreme, all-powerful God of LOVE permit it? WHY does God allow devil-inspired communists to run amuck? WHY is He permitting Civilization itself to crumble? Is God FAIR? Listen! Some men are saying, "God isn't fair! - or "Is there a God, after all?" But what do you suppose men would say if God took away their right to think and do as they please? For God could never stop this awful carnage without FORCING men to act according to HIS will - denying them a free will of their own!

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Good News MagazineOctober 1954Vol IV, No. 8